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Writing a Personal statement for the very first time can be a challenging task. To make things easier it might be a good idea to have a look at a few personal statement samples. Personal statement samples are easily available and can give you a good sense of what you are aiming for. It’s possible that your current institution has a set of personal statement samples which you can use to help with tricky issues such as style.

If your school does not have personal statement samples, or if you want to take a look at additional personal statement samples, then don’t worry, the internet is a phenomenal resource. The UCAS website provides you with a number of personal statement samples. When you finish your application and collect all your material you will submit it through the UCAS site, so it is advisable to have a look at the site’s guidelines before the submission deadline to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

If you don’t find UCAS particularly inspiring, then don’t despair. There are endless websites which have information about applications and can provide you with a range of personal statement samples. Hopefully, personal statement samples will help inspire you, so that writing your own personal statement will be easier (and more fun).

When you are looking at personal statement samples always make sure that you use them carefully. Do not attempt to copy any of the personal statement samples that you look at. UCAS have very strict rules on plagiarism and spend a good deal of time checking for plagiarised personal statements. As well as general checking, UCAS also have their very own bank of personal statement samples, and they will carefully check your writing against this bank to be one hundred percent certain that your work is your own.

If personal statement samples aren’t helping you write, you have many other potentially helpful options. Even if your teachers don’t have any personal statement samples for you to look at, they will still have plenty of thoughts and suggestions regarding personal statement writing since they have probably already helped other students with higher education applications.

Personal statement samples vary widely in style and content, so if you are browsing through personal statement samples, make sure you focus on those that are related to the course and university you are applying to. Reading through a few personal statement samples should give you a good sense of appropriate style and diction. Obviously, you will still have to spend time and effort creating your unique personal statement.

When you read personal statement samples, you will see that they are often very specific and focused, beginning with an award or achievement and going on to explain its relationship to a particular subject. Just keep in mind, all the details included in personal statement samples relate back to the subject that is being applied to or to the general experience of studying at university.

Accomplishments and prizes should be described if you think they have a place on a university application, but don’t just use the description to fill up space. If you decide on something particularly interesting remember to go into some detail, for example, while there is no point writing ‘I played in the school football team’, it would be worthwhile taking some time to elaborate upon the leadership skills you learnt through the school football team. Personal statement samples will show you how an award or activity can be expanded into information that is fitting for part of an application.

Personal statement samples exist to help you with your application. If you don’t feel confident at first, calm down; any problems you encounter when you begin will be sorted out by a mixture of research, hard work, and good advice. Bear in mind that personal statements are a different type of writing to other assignments you might be familiar with, so it is sensible to start by reading through personal statement samples.

Once you get a good feel for the types of writing that you encounter in personal statement samples, it is time to write your own. Start by jotting down a rough list of ideas, achievements, and experiences. Think about the descriptions you read in the personal statement samples, and try to choose the most important points in your list.

As you probably noticed, the structure of personal statement samples varies widely: there is no single correct way to write a personal statement. If you saw any particularly interesting structures or ideas in any of the personal statement samples, think about how you can use and adapt them in your own writing, but make sure that you use them as a starting point and do not copy anything directly.

Most websites which provide personal statement samples, have a list of top personal statement samples so that you can tell which structures and styles are more successful and which are less successful. Some websites will also divide up their personal statement samples according to universities.

Different universities often have very different entry requirements, and this is why personal statement samples for different universities will be so diverse. When you look through personal statement samples, don’t just look at the ones that were used for the courses and institutions you are applying for and are directly relevant. Take a look at a few others and think about the similarities and differences.

After you have put together your personal statement, it might be a good idea to take another look at personal statement samples. Think about how yours compares, and whether your style and vocabulary are appropriate. If there are any ideas that you come across in personals statement samples, it is not too late to incorporate them into your writing.

While personal statement samples are useful, at the end of the day, your writing should be a personal and well writing piece that reflects your strengths and shows why you would be the right candidate for your chosen course and institution.


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