Tips in Writing Law Personal Statements

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Applying to Law school is very difficult for most students. Part of the application process involves writing personal statements. Applicants should take advantage of the fact that personal statements is the component of the application process that they have full control of. Well-written personal statements will distinguish the applicant apart from others with similar academic backgrounds. This is particularly useful for degree programmes such as Law where the competition for a place is intense. As in an interview Law personal statements give an idea to the university admissions committee of the applicant's personality, interests and achievement that make him or her a unique individual. Added to this are the applicant's career aspirations and what he or she wants to achieve after graduation. The following are tips that will allow students to better understand what the reader of their personal statements expect from a Law school applicant as well as insider secrets that will help you write your Law personal statements:


  • Law school professors are reading your personal statements more closely than you would expect. Lawyers are themselves seasoned writers; thus, they are are able to spot good personal statement with polished ideas, an elegant structure, and no errors.

  • University admissions committees have already read thousands of personal statements from previous applicants. Thus, they can also spot a well-written personal statement within just the first paragraph.

  • In structuring your personal statements, use recent experiences first before older ones, prioritise personal experiences over academic statistics, and write the strongest arguments first before the weaker. Present an interesting introductory and a strong concluding paragraph.

  • People are able to think faster than they read, so if your readers find your personal statements to be boring or uninteresting, their attention will likely drift somewhere else considering that your is not the only personal statement they will be reading for that day. Your goal as an applicant should be to write relevant content in your personal statements so you are guaranteed that their focus is does not wander off.

  • Do not forget that a good lawyer does not only prepare and refute arguments well, they are also exceptional writers. Therefore, you must also demonstrate good writing skills as expected in your level or qualification.

  • Lawyers are master orators so they are very good at persuasion. Thus, the reviewers of your personal statements will also expect you to “persuade” them by way of strong arguments of your eligibility to enrol in a law programme.

  • For applicants who are quite advantaged in terms of socioeconomic status as well as those interested in public service should have experience doing community service. It will be significant addition to your qualifications and scholastic achievements.



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Tips in Writing Law Personal Statements

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Tips in Writing Law Personal Statements

This article was published on 2011/08/19